Program Details

  • FREE

  • Academic programming from 7:30am-2:30pm

  • Optional afterschool care from 2:30-4:00pm

  • Breakfast, lunch, and snack provided free to students

  • All pencil-and-paper work - NO Chromebooks, laptops, cell phones, etc.

  • Individualized skill recovery work in reading and math

  • Exposure to grade-level core class content

  • Partnership with home schools for attendance tracking

  • Opportunities for creative outlets, physical activity, group read-aloud and discussions

  • Consistent daily schedule provided

  • 100% focus on the students present at the site

  • COVID-19 safety precautions in line with local, state, and federal public health guidance


Goals for Students

Through their work at TeamUp Jeffco students will...

  • Self-identify areas of strength and improvement.

  • Improve foundational skills in math and reading.

  • Advocate for themselves as learners.

  • Increase stamina for focused work.

  • Engage in small group activities that provide opportunities for social-emotional growth.

Program Goals

Phase 2 of TeamUp Jeffco will focus on…

  • Continuing to follow local and national public health guidance regarding COVID-19.

  • Increasing engagement with and within families.

  • Piloting programming approaches that can be adapted into a summer model.

Engagement Contract

As a student I will…

  • Complete a series of initial worksheets as a self-assessment of skill-recovery needs.

  • Set achievable and manageable goals regarding my academic skills.

  • Maintain a portfolio of my completed work and goals.

  • Participate meaningfully in group activities.

  • Commit to trying my best and not giving up.

  • Communicate if I need help to both TeamUp and my family.

  • Maintain norms set by students and facilitators of Team Up Jeffco.

  • Actively pursue my goals through a self-paced curriculum provided by TeamUp.

As a family we will…

  • Support healthy habits at home, including encouraging a consistent sleep schedule.

  • Ensure an on time arrival (7:30am) to TeamUp.

  • Promptly read and respond as needed to communication from TeamUp facilitators.

  • Fill out the bi-weekly TeamUp check-in Forms.

  • Dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to focused discussion, using conversation-starters provided by TeamUp as needed.

  • Enter the TeamUp facility at least once a week during pickup to have a brief face-to-face conversation with a TeamUp facilitator.

As a TeamUp facilitator I will…

  • Maintain consistent contact with families through both group-wide and individualized communication.

  • Provide a consistent schedule for students throughout the day.

  • Support students working through their provided workbooks and helping self-assess

  • Help students prepare for high school with executive functioning skills.

  • Provide families with conversation starters for their children

  • Prepare engaging and hands-on activities for students throughout the day.

  • Provide exposure to grade-level content in core subjects.

  • Model the executive functioning and social-emotional habits expected of students.

Family Feedback

TeamUp Jeffco initially opened in January of 2021 to serve Moore Middle School students on their remote days in the hybrid learning model. Students attended 3 days a week where they logged into their synchronous classes and completed schoolwork with the support of TeamUp staff.

"This is a great idea to remedy the problems my child has faced with the pandemic."
- 8th Grade TeamUp Jeffco Parent

"My daughter was initially dreading doing this program but quickly came to enjoy her time there. She has met some new people and is benefiting not only from the availability of help keeping her on task, but also getting some social interaction - which has been so limited during COVID times."
- 7th
Grade TeamUp Jeffco parent

"I’m grateful! I love this program. My son loves it."
- 7th Grade TeamUp
Jeffco Parent